Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) 
Carbon-Monroe-Pike MH/Ds is committed to maintaining the integrity of the application process and ensuring the equal treatment and consideration of all applicants, e.g. individuals who have applied for a job but were not selected. Therefore, an applicant for a position in the Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities Department who is subject to non-selection which they believe to be unreasonably arbitrary or discriminatory may avail themselves of the ADR procedure. Notice of an applicant’s intent to pursue the ADR procedure must be provided, in writing and utilizing the attached form, to the Human Resources Department within fifteen (15) business days of the time the applicant knows, or should have known, of an action or issue that can be raised through the ADR procedure. Unless otherwise specified, applicant grievances will begin at the third step as defined in Section III-D. Discriminatory action is defined as any based on political affiliation, race, color, national origin, gender, religious creed, age, handicap, or any factor not related to the person’s ability to perform the duties of the position (i.e. any non-merit factor).

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Policy
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Communication Form