CMP MH Services

CMP Mental Health Services
Information and Referral

A screener is available to provide information and referrals during regular business hours. 


Consultation and Education

Our staff is available to provide information, consultation, and educational programs for community agencies, organizations, professional personnel, and the community at large.  Please contact us to request this service.


Case Management

Case Managers help individuals to receive appropriate services, monitor their progress, and advocate for their rights.  There are four types of  case managers:  Administrative (ACM), Community Hospital (CCM), Forensic (FCM), and Targeted (TCM). 


Administrative Case Management (ACM)
ACM is an office-based service which assists people in getting linked to services and monitoring these services by phone in order to support the consumer in his or her recovery.
Community Hospital Case Management (CCM)
CCM is a home, community and hospital based service designed to assist individuals with mental illness, who are involved in the state hospital system.
Forensic Case Management (FCM)
FCM is a home, community, and correctional facility based service designed to assist individuals with mental illness, who are involved in the criminal justice system.  They assist with linkage, referral, monitoring, advocacy, and re-entry planning.


Targeted Case Management (TCM)
TCM is a home- and community-based service designed to assist individuals with serious mental health or behavioral health needs. They assist with linkage, referral, monitoring, and advocacy on     an ongoing basis until the consumer reaches a place in his or her recovery where he or she is able to manage these tasks independently.


Child and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP)

CASSP Coordinators are located in each county to act as liaisons to the child serving systems, including education, child welfare, juvenile justice, substance abuse, mental/behavioral health, early intervention, and developmental services. They work with youth and families to coordinate services that are designed to be strength and resiliency based, family-focused, youth-guided, culturally competent, and least restrictive and intrusive to the family/youth.   Their goal is to keep youth in their families and their community.


Community Hospital Integration Project Program (CHIPP)

CHIPP Coordinators serve as liaisons to the state mental health hospitals (Clarks Summit).  They also monitor providers and programs created by the 5 CHIPP Initiatives that have been awarded in our counties over the past 15 years. They monitor the 95 individuals who have been discharged through this process and those who are being diverted from state hospitals following a stay in the community hospital behavioral health unit. 


Behavioral Health Housing

The Behavioral Health Housing Coordinator works with the Housing Authority staff from each county to advocate for the housing needs of individuals with behavioral health diagnosis. The position also manages housing projects funded by MH/DS that are designed for individuals with behavioral health issues and meet the criteria for each specific program.  This individual applies for and manages grants and funding streams used to assist consumers with maintaining their homes.


Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)

CIT and collaboration with Law Enforcement for individuals with mental illness. Our CIT Coordinator works with law enforcement on general training to identify signs and symptoms of mental health crisis and provide an overview of the mental health system. They also collaborate on a regular basis regarding encounters, resources and services