St. Luke's Cindy Miles Pediatrics

(484) 526-8350 Faye Creveling 3721 Crescent Court West, Whitehall, PA18052
St. Luke’s Cindy Miles Pediatrics has dedicated Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapists that have been providing Early Intervention services for 30 years.  They offer physical, occupational, and speech consultations as well as treatment to children with any diagnosis ranging from 0-3 years old. The overall goal of Physical Therapy is to enhance each child’s capacity to attain their maximum motor development. Occupational Therapy assists children in the development of self-care and play skills. Speech Therapy’s goal is to improve communication skills and enhance or correct any learning difficulties associated with developmental language. Occupational and speech therapy services also address any feeding issues your child may have.  Therapists will provide expert instruction and coaching to the family so that your child can excel in all areas of development.  Their clinic can also provide outpatient services to pediatric patients, which can include pool therapy services.

Services: Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Special Instruction
Counties: Carbon